Let’s not pay for poor service.


Calling card for the improvement of Slovak food service



English translation: “I am always happy to leave a tip for good and pleasant service. I do hope  it will be better in the future!”

Usage guide:
1. Download the print version here.

2. Print as many calling cards as you like on whatever material you like and cut them out.

3. In the event that your rights as a customer have been grossly violated by the service staff, pay your check to the final crown or cent without a single word.

4. Leave the establishment quietly and without conflict, leaving this calling card behind on your table for the

unsatisfactory service personnel. If you like, you can also write a list of their offences on the card.


This calling card is intended to boost the morale of waitstaff and service personnel in Slovakia, not to realise savings through not leaving a gratuity. Use it after careful consideration, and only when you are truly dissatisfied with the service. We believe that you will distinguish the minor faults which can occur even with the best effort from service that is unfair or improper.