Slovak cullinary tour

In several courses at various marvellous locations you will get to know all the flavours of our region.

  • A delicious appetizer of goose liver in a village fabled for its goose, served with real, home-made and very delicate hruškovica (pear brandy)
  • A stop at a lovely winery house for traditional bean soup with smoked meat and noodles, served with delicious Rizling Rýnsky
  • A selection of grilled specialties combined with some Devín, Slovakia’s most successful variety of wine, in an old winery house
  • One of the greatest delicacies of Slovak cuisine, a home-made strudel with raisins in savoury combination with ice wine


Duration: approx. 5 hours
Price will be quoted individually
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This programme  might be also combined with:

  • Slovak Folk music and dancers
  • Harvest celebrations
  • Presentations of traditional crafts as pottery, blacksmith´s  and tinker´s work with opportunity to forge your own article or throw a ceramics
  • Slovak evening
  • Gastronomic events
  • Cooking school
  • Seasonal events - Easter, Christmas or summer festival
  • Falconers - flying exhibition of wild birds
  • Horsebackriding
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Gifts such as personified wine with your company label, ceramics or blacksmith’s production
  • Accommodation, transportation and guide services
    and more