Slovak wine tour

Authentic Slovak wine tour. Just 30 km from Bratislava you will enjoy 2 beautiful viticulture places on the Small Carpathians wine route.
1. Firstly you will visit the only mountain winery estate in Slovakia, where you will be welcomed by the owner and take a short walk in the vineyard to learn about Slovak wine grape growing. Afterwards you will see a presentation of antique family agricultural machines and learn about the production of special high quality wines such as straw and ice wine. This tour’s highlight is a wine tasting in the historic wine cellar where you will sample high quality wines including the renowned ice wine. Simple snacks such as top quality cheeses, mineral water and homemade bread will be served to accompany the delicious wines.


2. After that you will participate in a second wine tasting in another of the region’ s wine cellars to get known Slovak wines yet better.


Your guides will be a local wine lover and a winery estate owner.

Selection and number of wine places might be organised according to your wish. 

  • Sightseeing tour of the Slovak wine region
  • Programme at the family winery estate and quality wine tasting
  • Second wine tasting in a historic wine cellar
Price/person: EUR 65
Minimum 5 participants or by agreement
7+ participants: 60 EUR/ person
10 + participants: individual quotation
Included: transportation, guide, wine tastings and snack
Duration: approx. 4 hours

Advance booking required by 6pm the day before the excursion, or by agreement


This programme might be also combined with:
  • Slovak Folk music and dancers
  • Harvest celebrations
  • Presentations of traditional crafts as pottery, blacksmith´s  and tinker´s work with opportunity to forge your own article or throw a ceramics
  • Gastronomic events
  • Cooking school
  • Slovak evening
  • Seasonal events - Easter, Christmas or summer festival
  • Falconers - flying exhibition of wild birds
  • Horsebackriding
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Gifts such as personified wine with your company label, ceramics or blacksmith’s production
  • Accommodation, transportation and guide services
    and more